Acqui Terme #2 - 2019


?ALOS - From Italy

Alos (queer-ancestral-pagan-doom-avant-metal) Muse of Chaos, queer, experimental and extreme performer and musician, Stefania Pedretti, voice and strings of the monolithic band OvO, started her solo ?Alos in 2003. ?Alos is music, performance, dance, political activism, social criticism, history, femminism, anarchy. ?Alos is Chaos when is taking its shape




Alina Kalancea - From Italy

Alina Kalancea is a tireless and methodical sonic explorer born in Romania. Deep basses, dark atmospheres, heart-beating rhythms, water-dropping frequencies and electric spikes fit together with her voice creating overwhelming tracks full of subtle sounds generated with many different modular & non-modular tools that make her live performances unique.



She Spread Sorrow - From Italy

She spread sorrow is the solo project run by Alice Kundalini from Italy since 2014 and out for Cold Spring Records.
Ritual deathscape, obscure death industrial: her concept albums are trips into distorted faith, repressed desires, guilt and punishment.
She played all over Europe and she attended some international festivals. Midori is the latest album, out in March 2018.




Perrine Bourel - From France

“Perrine est violoneuse. Elle a suivi un enseignement singulier du violon auprès de musiciens traditionnels irlandais et a étudiée les musiques des violoneux des Alpes du Sud et du Dauphiné auprès d’un fermier violoneux dans la montagne de Lure (vallée du Jabron). Loin des académisme de la pratique du violon, ses recherches questionnent les intersections des musiques traditionnelles et expérimentales contemporaines.




Nina Hoppas - From France

Nina Boukhari Laporte (1988) - aka Nina Hoppas - is a French-Moroccan sound artist originally from Paris.
A web developer by background, she has always continued to work in parallel on different projects in the field of music: she started her solo project in 2016 under the name Odio Sis and then Nina Hoppas, releasing several EPs for various international labels.
Since 2018, she is also the founder and organiser of the PhOEMina festival (a French-Italian project), which aims to give visibility to women and minority artists in the field of avant-garde and contemporary music.