Acqui Terme #1 - 2018


Alessandra Zerbinati - From Italy

Experimental, noise, installation, circuit bending, concrete, field recordings, cigarettes and unicorns.



Alina Kalancea - From Italy

Alina Kalancea is a tireless and methodical sonic explorer born in Romania. Deep basses, dark atmospheres, heart-beating rhythms, water-dropping frequencies and electric spikes fit together with her voice creating overwhelming tracks full of subtle sounds generated with many different modular & non-modular tools that make her live performances unique.



Calembour - From Italy

C A L E M B O U R is an interaction, new media art and sound design project. The team is composed of Giorgia Petri and Laura Migliano. They have been working together since 2014. Giorgia Petri is an interaction developer and audiovisual artist. Laura Migliano is an audiovisual artist and writes for several art magazines.

Workshop: Il workshop si propone di introdurre le persone nel mondo del wearable e del textile, ovvero abbigliamento e tessuti aumentati, utilizzando tecnologie implementate al loro interno. Il workshop offrirà le basi per l'uso di sensori, attuatori e hardware per la generazione di suoni attraverso abiti e tessuti. "Durante la demo di circa un’ora verranno illustrati alcuni progetti interattivi che coinvolgono l’audiovisivo"




Zyklus - From Italy

“Zyklus” is Alessandra Lazzarini’s musical project that mix classical music,dark melodies, psychotic sounds and electronic interferences. Flute and electronics like drum machine and samplers are the sound material of this deep mental trip.




Nina Hoppas - From France

Nina Boukhari Laporte (1988) - aka Nina Hoppas - is a French-Moroccan sound artist originally from Paris.
A web developer by background, she has always continued to work in parallel on different projects in the field of music: she started her solo project in 2016 under the name Odio Sis and then Nina Hoppas, releasing several EPs for various international labels.
Since 2018, she is also the founder and organiser of the PhOEMina festival (a French-Italian project), which aims to give visibility to women and minority artists in the field of avant-garde and contemporary music.



Tullia Benedicta - From Italy

Attualmente fra Bologna e Londra, presenta il suo secondo lavoro 'Prometeo', in uscita su Black Chrysalis Archives, un viaggio di psicolitanie e rituali post industriali verso la ricerca del Se Superiore, esplorando i nuovi territori del noise, techno e ambient.



Bianca Peruzzi - From Italy

Bianca Peruzzi works with video and light. Her research on the image concerns the overcoming of the essential aspects that define it as such. In fact, the image is freed from the limits of the frame and does not have any didactic content.


Volha Iotchanka - From Italy

“I have dedicated my professional establishment to Interactive Art. The main purpose of my research is the development and implementation of Interactive art projects. Interactive art object is open to interpretation and transformation not only by artist but by the recipient too. Thus, interactive art “transgressive”: that property directly relate to overcoming opposition “author- recipient”. Overcoming certain established boundaries is one of the goals of my works.”